In this three-day workshop you learn how to apply TBT on yourself and others.

Presently, Rehana Webster and I are planning a pilot workshop for the summer/fall of 2022 which will be taught by both of us. If you would like to learn TBT and are in a country situated in a time zone with a time difference of not over 2 hours from Central European Time, please contact me. The price for this workshop is € 595,00 (including German VAT).

You are considering taking part in a this pilot workshop but are still undecided?

Let me make things easy for you by offering a little taster!

In half an hour I will show you the power of TBT. For this, please choose something someone once said or wrote to you that still triggers emotional and physical stress: an insult, bad news, name-calling, a condescending remark, etc. We take these words through the TBT Auditory Protocol which significantly reduces or even eliminates your reaction to them.

Mini session via Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger

What do others say about this workshop?

I don't know about you, but the following information is just what I am looking for when I am about to book a workshop:

  • How did others experience the TBT workshop?
  • What did they take away from it?
  • What value does TBT have in their client work?

Read some of their impressions here.