A quick introduction to your TBT Trainer

Maya de Vries teaching the Trauma Buster Technique

I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1959 and am the mother of two wonderful daughters. After obtaining my MA degree in German Language and Literature, I lived in Canada for two years and then moved to the Cologne area where I've lived since 1985. I am fluent in three languages: Dutch, German and English.

Ever since I can remember, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. Not many people can claim that they've turned their calling into their profession. I belong to those happy few who have! Since 2000 I have been giving trainings in various methods in the area of Energy Psychology. I am one of the 28 EFT Founding Masters worldwide who were personally examined by Gary Craig.

In April 2016 I was trained in the Trauma Buster Technique by Rehana Webster and soon thereafter I obtained the TBT trainer licence. I am one of the seven accredited TBT trainers worldwide. So far, I have trained over 350 individuals in TBT,  therapists as well as non professionals. The maximum number of participants in my online workshops is eight.

I have a particular concern and a big heart for people who are in danger of getting traumatised whilst carrying out their professional tasks. With training in TBT they have a first aid tool which can be used for self-help as well as to help others. The application of TBT after risky operations and critical incidents could very well prevent the development of posttraumatic disorders. 

In-House Workshops given at

Caritasverband, Lünen-Selm-Werne, Germany

BIG pro juventa, nonprofit youth welfare organization in Reutlingen, Germany

Awards and Recognitions

2006 EFT Master

Honorary membership in the

Verband für Klopfakupressur e.V. (i.L.) 

(German Association for Meridian Tapping Techniques)

Experience as Conference Speaker

2016 and 2017

Aphasia. How to use EFT to eliminate the shock due to this diagnosis

Würzburger Aphasietage, Würzburg, Germany


Matrix Reimprinting with the Emotional Freedom Techniques

Deutsche Akademie für Energiemedizin und Bioenergetik (DAEMBE) in Königswinter, Germany

The Advanced EFT Movie Technique
EFT Master Class Conference in London, England
The Art of Reframing
EFT Masterclass Conference in Ilkley, England
Introduction to Larry Nims' Be Set Free Fast
3rd European Energy Psychology & Energy Therapies Conference in Brighton, England

Invitations welcomed

You belong to of a group of people who are interested in a presentation on TBT?
I would love to hear from you! Provided I can travel to you by train and the distance can be covered in less than half a day, I am certain this can be arranged.

You can contact me via email or give me a call at +49 221 99 2000 13.

Maya and Rehana, May 2017 in Cologne
Maya and Rehana, May 2017 in Cologne