TBT Workshop participants' impressions and comments

Beate Junk, Registered Pracititioner of Psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie) in 52428 Jülich, Germany:

"I would not want to be without TBT in my practice! A highly effective technique! Thank you, Maya, for this workshop!"


Kerstin Bachmeier, Registered Pracititioner of Psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie) in 32756 Detmold, Germany:

"I had the pleasure to learn TBT from Maya and am very grateful for the understandable and structured teaching of the material. Maya spreads TBT in the German speaking countries and I am very glad so much suffering can be relieved with this technique."


Rolf Huth, Registered Pracititioner of Psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie) and Coach in 42579 Heiligenhaus, Germany:

"I went to Maya de Vries for training at the end of June 2018. The workshop was tightly organized, not the usual bla-bla, and after 3 days of intensive training including quite impressive live sessions, I felt confident to put into practice what I had learned. Since then I have been able to treat several, sometimes very serious cases of trauma quite successfully in only one session each. I would like to thank Maya for her nice, loving and consistent way of conveying the material and taking away the fear of severe trauma. Now I am in the process of contacting some patients for whom a hypnotherapeutic intervention did not bring the desired success. I offer them TBT to do the remaining work."


Armin Hering, Managing Director Consulting Agency in 32051 Herford, Germany:

"Maya's workshop was incredible. A highly effective method  communicated empathetically, vividly and with outstanding competence. Her great personality, her humor and her accuracy in the process were phenomenal."


Suzana von Divnic, Trainer and Coach in 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany:

"Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to support people in coaching with monotrauma, such as bad experiences from armed robbery, childhood sexual abuse, attempted child abduction, abortion, stillbirth in late pregnancy, family loss through death, traffic accident, surgical trauma, fire experience, etc. Each traumatic event could be resolved with just one TBT session, not longer then 90 minutes. Before, people tried hardly a lot of other different things, sadly unsuccessfully, until they applied TBT." 


Margarete Herrig, Coach at "Heilsamer Klang und Coaching" in 56072 Koblenz, Germany:

"TBT is a wonderful technique which quickly and gently helps resolve traumatic shock experiences. It is also a great self-help tool, as I happened to experience again lately, when a childhood memory of a dental treatment came up. While laying in my dentist's chair feeling very vulnerable, I vividly remembered the whole experience ... At home it was easy to treat the old trauma with TBT. Since then the relationship with my dentist has changed for the better. Again this made me aware of the fact of how our subconscious mind stores painful experiences which have a life-term effect on your life, unless you manage to resolve the trauma!"


Margret Schulte-Krumpen, Registered Pracititioner of Psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie) in 52525 Heinsberg, Germany:

"TBT such a great and unique method that in my opinion it actually should be mandatory to learn for psychotherapists. TBT is so gentle, so quick with positively sustainable results that it continues to fascinate me. So far I haven't had any patient whom I couldn't help with TBT. It is a real asset for my office and the demand for treatments has definitely increased since I've started doing sessions with it. People are talking about TBT and this word to mouth advertising has brought many new patients to my office. Thanks to Maya I could learn it. I loved the way she conveyed everything in a structured, clear and loving manner so that it could be implemented quickly." 


Ulrike Tuzar, Registered Natural Practitioner in 79877 Friedenweiler, Germany:

"I attended one of Maya's TBT workshops a few days ago. The technique is simply very effective! Or also: simple and very effective! I look forward to working with it!

Of course we practiced on the basis of our own unpleasant experiences and when I told my sister a few days later about one of them, I had to laugh out loud. I often find that life is lived cabaret and all at sudden I could see the cabaret in this experience. Its charge was no longer present!
And from a dull, unpleasant, continuous humming, another scene from my childhood has arisen: a memory that awakens my compassion. After treating it with TBT, it clearly belongs to me, but is no longer unpleasant. I find that very interesting. I have the impression that now I "answer" to the memories as it suits my nature, instead of being triggered and reacting to them. 

Maya is a wonderful teacher, well structured, experienced, open and honest and at the same time very cautious. The incriminating memories were only brought as close as absolutely necessary, so that I could be good with them. And then it went by very quickly :) I felt very much at home in Maya's workshop! Thank you very much!"

And sometimes after a workshop, I get feedback that consists of one line only. 

I am sharing it here anonymously and with gratitude. It expresses everything I'm working for. 

More reviews of my training can be found on my TBT Facebook fanpage (in German).

5 out of 5 stars, based on the opinion of 32 people.