Workshop Trauma Buster Technique - the new technique for the elimination of posttraumatic stress

In planning: Pilot Workshop TBT taught by Rehana Webster and Maya de Vries | Practitioner Certification Workshop

Therapeutic Use

TBT enables you to gently, safely and sustainably relieve your patients from symptoms of posttraumatic stress.


You can apply TBT to yourself to resolve the effects of emotionally stressful and hurtful life experiences.


TBT gives immediate relief to people who engage themselves for the well-being of others – professionally or as volunteers.

"We are not able to change an event that happened in the past. However, with TBT we are able to change the structure of the memory and thus how the event is re-experienced or remembered. The impact of the Trauma Buster Technique is profound and permanent."  ~ Rehana Webster, BSc, developer of TBT